Construction Management

HS Consulting can ensure success by acting as your eyes and ears on your project. We are committed to representing your best interests and provide sound project management and creative problem-solving to the planning, design and construction of your project from inception to completion.

Our services are most effective when we are part of your team from day one. This allows us to help you navigate each phase of the pre-construction, construction and post-construction process to maximize your investment. We work collaboratively with you and your team members to ensure the project meets your expectations, stays on schedule and on budget. Our list of Construction Management services on the right provides an overview of their benefits.

General Contracting

HS Consulting is based in Miami, Florida and offers Construction Management and General Contracting Services to South Florida and the Caribbean. We have a combined experience of over 25 years in Construction Management and General Contracting and are committed to the successful delivery of our clients' projects.

Our flexibility allows us to work on a wide range of projects. From tenant build–outs to construction projects in excess of $11 million. We bring our commitment to quality, honesty and successful project delivery to all our clients. We specialize in commercial, residential, mixed use, retail and hospitality construction and management.

We Plan, Manage & Deliver Association Projects

40-year recertification-related repairs

558 claim-related repairs

Concrete restoration and waterproofing

Exterior painting

Sprinkler and life-safety updates

Roof replacement

Water riser repair/replacement

Balcony and railing repairs

Swimming pool and deck repairs

Pool deck and planter waterproofing

Landscape removal and installations

Interior design, remodels and upgrades

Post-tension cable repairs

Garage and site lighting upgrades

Electrical upgrades and improvements

Elevator modernization

Green Initiatives and LED lighting installations

Stucco repair and exterior painting

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